Pablo | Exclusive Banana Ice

Pablo | Exclusive Banana Ice - SnusCore

Pablo | Exclusive Banana Ice

50 mg/gFruit
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Unleash a Tropical Chill with Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice Nicotine Pouches


A Symphony of Flavor and Sensation

Step into a world where the tropical allure of ripe bananas meets the invigorating chill of icy coolness. Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice Nicotine Pouches are not just another alternative to traditional tobacco products; they’re an experience waiting to unfold. Each pouch is a mini-vacation for your senses, offering a unique blend of fruity zest and refreshing coolness that’s perfect for any occasion.

Elevate Your Experience

Why settle for the mundane when you can elevate your nicotine experience to new heights? These pouches are crafted with precision, ensuring that each one delivers a consistent burst of banana goodness, complemented by a subtle icy undertone. It’s a balanced flavor profile that’s neither too overpowering nor too subtle—just the right amount of intensity to keep you coming back for more.

Convenience Meets Sustainability

Not only do these pouches offer a unique flavor experience, but they also come with the promise of quality and sustainability. Fast shipping and secure payments make your purchase hassle-free, while the recyclable packaging aligns with eco-conscious values. Plus, with a 100% money-back guarantee, you can indulge in this tropical chill risk-free.

Pricing and Availability

Remember, free shipping is available on orders over €69. So why wait? Add a dash of tropical chill to your life today with Pablo Exclusive Banana Ice Nicotine Pouches.

Feel the tropical breeze and icy thrill with every pouch. It’s not just a product; it’s an experience that sets a new standard for nicotine pouches.


Brand Pablo
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 20
Nicotine content (mg/g) 50
Weight (grams) 10



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Pablo | Exclusive Banana Ice - SnusCore
Pablo | Exclusive Banana Ice
50 mg/gFruit
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