Grant | Menthol Light 4 mg/g

Grant | Menthol Light 4 mg/g - SnusCore

Grant | Menthol Light 4 mg/g

4 mg/gMint
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Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g

Elevate Your Experience with a Burst of Menthol

Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g is not just another nicotine pouch; it's a sensory experience. With a strong menthol flavor that is both invigorating and refreshing, these pouches are designed to give you an extra fresh nicotine hit. The menthol intensity is perfectly balanced, ensuring that it's not too overpowering but still very present.

Why Choose Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g?

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2. Secure Payments: Your financial security is our priority.
3. Recyclable: Environmentally conscious? So are we. The packaging is fully recyclable.
4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee: Not satisfied? Get a full refund, no questions asked.
5. Tax Included: The price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden fees.

A Fresh Approach to Nicotine Satisfaction

Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g pouches are perfect for those who are looking for a moderate nicotine hit without compromising on flavor. The 4 mg/g nicotine content is just enough to satisfy your cravings, while the menthol flavor adds a refreshing twist. Manufactured by KORDULA UAB, a name you can trust, these pouches are the epitome of quality and reliability.

Your Ideal Companion for Any Occasion

Whether you're at a social gathering, taking a break from work, or simply enjoying some alone time, Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g pouches are your go-to for a quick and satisfying nicotine experience. With 27 pouches per can, you'll have enough to last you through any event or day.

Get Yours Today

Don't miss the chance to elevate your nicotine experience with Grant Menthol Light 4 mg/g. With its strong menthol flavor, moderate nicotine content, and quality manufacturing, this is one product you'll want to keep on your radar.


Brand Grant
Product type
Nicotine pouches slim
Pouches per can 27
Nicotine content (mg/g) 4
Weight (grams) 12.8



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Grant | Menthol Light 4 mg/g - SnusCore
Grant | Menthol Light 4 mg/g
4 mg/gMint
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