Chapo White | Crystal Menthol Strong 20 mg/g

Chapo White | Crystal Menthol Strong 20 mg/g

Chapo White | Crystal Menthol Strong 20 mg/g

20 mg/gMint
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Chapo White Extreme Crystal Menthol Strong 20 mg/g

This novelty has been awaited like the rising moon, namely, it is a nicotine pouch with everything in place:
  • Really cool mint taste, not comparable to any other product.
  • Nicely moist bags from which nicotine is released particularly quickly thanks to the new release mechanism.
  • Kicks like a horse! If you like strong nicotine pouches, this is the absolute number one choice.
  • Street-credible looks and name. When you put the puck on the table, admiration is guaranteed, you're definitely the toughest guy in the group.
Suitable for use in any situation! When you want a good purr to relax for a quiet evening at home or to liven up a weekend with a group of friends.
 A content of 30 bags in each can will ensure that the bags do not run out right away. Nicotine is released very quickly and Chapo has long lasting flavour experience. Try Chapo nicotine pouches today!


Brand Chapo
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 30
Nicotine content (mg/g) 20
Weight (grams) 18
Cold Menthol




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Chapo White | Crystal Menthol Strong 20 mg/g
20 mg/gMint