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Welcome to XQS, one of the leading brands in the Leaf-free segment. They pride themselves on offering high-quality products in two categories: nicotine pouches and nicotine-free pouches, both completely free of Leaf. With a decade of experience in the industry, they continue to thrive and expand their range, focusing on exceptional flavors and customer satisfaction. 

Why XQS?

With XQS, the goal is to provide you,  with the best product available. By listening to your feedback, they have created exceptional products that cater to your preferences and desires. They strive to deliver the finest taste experience, ensuring your satisfaction every day. As part of their commitment to the environment, all our boxes are recyclable. Together, we can make a difference by recycling our boxes and promoting a better future.

Why Choose XQS Nicotine Pouches?


If you are new to XQS, we invite you to explore XQS pouches and discover the best option for you. Their nicotine pouches are available in a variety of flavors and come in two different strengths: light and strong. They continuously develop new flavor combinations, ensuring that they provide you with the best products on the market. With XQS, you have the freedom to choose what suits your taste preferences.

Born in Jämtland – Raised in Dalarna


The idea for XQS's Leaf-free Nicotine Pouches originated in the breathtaking region of Jämtland in northern Sweden, known for its picturesque landscapes of forests, mountains, and lakes. From there, the business moved to Dalarna, the heart of Sweden, where they continue to develop the most modern and innovative Leaf-free pouches. Their development process focuses on flavoring, nicotine, and our philosophy of being close to you, with a passion for life.

XQS Values:


Passion: XQS loves what they do, and their entrepreneurial mindset and active lifestyle in the heart of Sweden inspire us to deliver the best products.

Experience: XQS was one of the pioneers in creating Leaf-free pouches, launching our first product in 2006. Today, they leverage our experience to achieve their vision.

Vision: XQS product is their priority, and their goal is to create the world's best pouch, allowing you to taste what's possible.

Responsibility: They honor Swedish tradition without Leaf, using recycled materials and keeping the future of nature in mind.

Experience the Freedom with XQS


Enjoy the freedom and unbeatable taste sensations that XQS provides. Be part of the future tradition from Sweden, where Leaf-free pouches offer the buzz you desire. Join us in embracing a Leaf-free lifestyle that delivers exceptional flavors and the ultimate sensory experience.


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