Skruf: From Challenger to Nordic Nicotine Pouches Powerhouse

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From newcomer to the Nordic region's second largest Nicotine Pouches manufacturer


In 2002, three friends, Ged Shudall, Titus Wouda Kuipers, and Markus Bonke, founded Skruf with a bold vision to challenge the prevailing Nicotine Pouches monopoly and revolutionize the industry with a modern approach. Despite the initial skepticism, their determination and innovative mindset proved successful. Today, Skruf stands as the Nordic region's second-largest Nicotine Pouches manufacturer with over 300 dedicated employees, and their journey of growth and innovation continues.

Challenging the Status Quo: A Swedish Classic is Born

Skruf's triumph in the Swedish and Norwegian markets can be attributed to its customer-centric approach. By carefully analyzing the market and identifying opportunities, Skruf swiftly adapts to the evolving preferences of modern snuffers. In 2003, they introduced the iconic white Nicotine Pouches box, defying the traditional dark boxes prevalent at the time. This daring move marked the beginning of Skruf's journey as a Swedish classic.

Timeline of Success


Over the years, Skruf's dedication to progress and innovation has yielded remarkable milestones:

2002: Snuff Rebels
Founders Adam, Jonas, and Markus established Skruf with a mission to diversify the Swedish Nicotine Pouches market.

2003: First White Box Sold
Skruf's first white Nicotine Pouches box, now a classic, challenges convention and sets the brand apart.

2004: Skruf Invades Norway
Skruf launches in Norway, forging a strong and enduring relationship with Norwegian consumers.

2005: Partnership with Imperial Brands
Imperial Brands becomes Skruf's partner, enabling a greater focus on product quality and sustainability.

2006: Knox is Launched
The launch of the Knox brand marks another success, becoming Sweden's best-selling Nicotine Pouches box.

2011: Future-Proof Production
Skruf's production gains momentum, leading to the construction of a modern, larger factory in Sävsjö.

2012: Smålands Brukssnus Introduced
Skruf expands its brand portfolio with Smålands Brukssnus, offering traditional Nicotine Pouches at an affordable price.

2015: Organic Initiative
Skruf introduces its first Nicotine Pouches with only organic Leaf, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

2017: 50 Million Doses Milestone
Skruf surpasses 50 million cans in annual volume, a testament to their popularity and consumer trust.

2018: Embracing Innovation
Skruf Super White, slim, all-white portions made from plant fibers, enjoys great success.

2019: Embracing Nature
Skruf Nyans, a new product range with organic Leaf and natural elements, has been launched.

2022: Zone X Leaf-Free Series
With extensive expertise in Nicotine Pouches manufacturing, Skruf proudly introduces Zone X, a Leaf-free product series developed with extensive testing and consumer insights.

Skruf's Dynamic Approach: Trends and Tradition in Harmony


Skruf's strength lies in their ability to adapt to changing Nicotine Pouches habits while maintaining a strong connection to their heritage. Embracing innovation and being quick to capitalize on emerging opportunities, such as Leaf-free nicotine portions, keeps them at the forefront of the industry. Yet, they never lose sight of their core values and the tradition of challenging the status quo.

    The Småland Pride and Ambition


    With roots in Småland's Sävsjö, Skruf is fueled by a deep sense of professional pride and ambition. They are determined to expand their influence throughout the north, a testament to their unwavering focus on growth and excellence.

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