VOLT | Deep Freeze 4 mg/g

VOLT | Deep Freeze 4 mg/g

VOLT | Deep Freeze 4 mg/g

4 mg/gMint
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VOLT Deep Freeze 4 mg/g

Volt Deep Freeze is the Swedish top manufacturer Swedish Match's big investment in a new product series. Volt Deep Freeze is a plump and high-quality large nicotine pouch weighing 0.7g that contains 4mg of nicotine per dose. The bags are full and sit perfectly on the lips. There is not much sweetness in this product. The taste is slightly salty and piercing eucalyptus / mint. One box contains 21-22 nicotine sachets.

The bag's exceptionally long shape and otherwise large size guarantee a great and soft lip-feel and release nicotine more efficiently than normal. The bag is also pleasantly moist and tastes good when used for a long time. 

Everything has been polished to the last detail! The size of the bag is perfect, the flavor comes out just right so it doesn't take too long to get dull, and the drilling is even harder than in traditional snuff.


Brand VOLT
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 21-22
Nicotine content (mg/g) 4
Weight (grams) 13
Swedish Match



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VOLT | Deep Freeze 4 mg/g
4 mg/gMint