Nois | Eucalypt

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Nois | Eucalypt

25 mg/gEucalypt
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Experience the exceptional with NOIS Eucalyptus, merging innovation and invigoration in nicotine pouches. Elevate your satisfaction and explore unparalleled bliss in each pouch, immersed in the distinctive and revitalizing essence of eucalyptus.

Optimal Nicotine Balance: Eucalyptus 25mg/g achieves a perfect equilibrium with its 25mg/g nicotine content, offering a tailored experience for both newcomers and seasoned users. Immerse yourself in a mild yet thoroughly fulfilling nicotine effect that consistently delights. Whether you're starting or craving a steadfast companion in your nicotine journey, Eucalyptus provides a finely tuned blend.

Take your nicotine journey to new heights with NOIS Eucalyptus - the pinnacle of sophistication, satisfaction, and sensory indulgence. Opt for the extraordinary, choose Eucalyptus, and reshape your path to nicotine enjoyment.


Brand Nois
Product type
Nicotine Pouches
Format Slim
Nicotine content (mg/g)
Weight (g) 13,5
Pouches per can 27
HRJ Production OU



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Nois | Eucalypt - SnusCore
Nois | Eucalypt
25 mg/gEucalypt