KLINT | Licorice #1 4 mg/g

KLINT | Licorice 4 mg/g - SnusCore

KLINT | Licorice #1 4 mg/g

4 mg/gCandy
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KLINT Licorice #1 4 mg/g


A Symphony of Sensation in Every Pouch

Imagine a world where the rich, earthy notes of licorice fuse seamlessly with the smooth, controlled release of nicotine. Welcome to the KLINT Licorice 4 mg/g experience. Crafted for those who crave a taste adventure, these all-white nicotine pouches are your ticket to an elevated sensory journey.

The Convenience You Crave, Wherever You Are

 KLINT Licorice 4 mg/g pouches are designed for the modern individual who values both convenience and quality. Slip one into your mouth, and you’re instantly transported to a realm of flavor and satisfaction, no matter where you are.

Eco-Friendly and Secure: Your Peace of Mind, Guaranteed

In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability, KLINT Licorice 4 mg/g stands out with its recyclable packaging. Plus, our secure payment options and fast shipping ensure that your experience is as smooth as the licorice flavor that awaits you in each pouch. And let’s not forget our 100% money-back guarantee — your satisfaction is our priority.


Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 24
Nicotine content (mg/g) 4
Weight (grams) 12
Habit Factory



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KLINT | Licorice 4 mg/g - SnusCore
KLINT | Licorice #1 4 mg/g
4 mg/gCandy