HARTVAPE: A New Generation of Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

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The next big thing in moving away from cigarettes


Meet HARTVAPE, a pioneering brand at the forefront of the tobacco-free nicotine industry. With over 20 years of experience in nicotine products, their team comprises seasoned professionals who have transitioned from the tobacco industry to explore the vast potential of tobacco-free nicotine products. HARTVAPE is a proud contributor to Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR), striving to reduce the harm caused by smoking with modern, innovative nicotine alternatives. 

HARTVAPE: Pioneering a Smoke-Free Future

Their journey began with a vision to create less harmful alternatives to traditional tobacco products. Recognizing the global scourge of smoking-related harms, they embarked on a mission to develop next-generation tobacco-free e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches. As one of the early entrants into the market, they took pride in launching the biggest e-commerce platform for tobacco-free nicotine products in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Revolutionizing Disposable Vaping with HARTVAPE

At HARTVAPE, innovation is in their DNA. This revolutionary product elevates disposable vaping to new heights, offering a premium experience that surpasses industry standards. Hartvape's standout features include:

Long-Lasting Performance: Each Hartvape disposable e-cigarette provides over 700 high-quality, full-flavored puffs, a significant increase compared to the industry average of approximately 450 puffs. More puffs mean better value for money and a satisfying vaping experience.

Strong Nicotine Content: With a nicotine content of 2.0 ml, Hartvape delivers a powerful and satisfying vaping experience, catering to the needs of users seeking a nicotine alternative.

Powerful Battery: XQS product is their priority, and their goal is to create the world's best pouch, allowing you to taste what's possible.

Responsibility: Hartvape boasts a 550mAh battery, ensuring consistent performance throughout the product's lifespan.

Commitment to Quality and Compliance


At HARTVAPE, quality is their top priority. Every production undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure the utmost reliability and safety for our customers. Their disposable e-cigarettes feature a leak-proof design, fail-safe mechanisms for safe consumption, low voltage protection, and short-circuit protection.

Additionally, they are committed to environmental sustainability. Hartvape's fully recyclable casing aligns with their efforts to be an environmentally-friendly leader. They prioritize adhering to all relevant regulations across the EU, ensuring their products comply with the highest industry standards.

Empowering Tobacco Harm Reduction


Disposable e-cigarettes have gained immense popularity due to various factors, including the ban on menthol cigarettes, the concept of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR), and the range of enticing flavors they offer. At HARTVAPE, they take pride in providing users with high-quality products that align with their values. Their disposable vapes deliver a delightful flavor experience, eliminate unpleasant cigarette smells, and reduce the harm caused by passive smoking to others.


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