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    Experience the perfect fusion of tantalizing flavors and invigorating nicotine with HELWIT nicotine pouches. Explore a vast selection of delicious flavors, catering to both beginners and enthusiasts of lighter nicotine options. Slim, soft, and moist, these pouches provide a snug fit and a sustained, efficient release, ensuring lasting satisfaction. HELWIT is revolutionizing the nicotine landscape as a premier addition to the esteemed YOIK AB family. Their modern, sustainable production methods guarantee quality and responsibility at every step. Elevate your nicotine experience with HELWIT today.

    5 products
    Helwit | Cherry Slim Strong - SnusCore
    Helwit Cherry Slim Strong 10mg/g
    9 mg/gFruit
    Helwit | Cola Light - SnusCore
    Helwit Cola Light Slim 8mg/g
    8 mg/gDrink
    Helwit | Mint Light - SnusCore
    Helwit Mint Light Slim 8mg/g
    8 mg/gMint
    Helwit | Blueberry Slim Strong - SnusCore
    Helwit Blueberry Slim Strong 10mg/g
    9 mg/gBerry
    Helwit | Violet Light - SnusCore
    Helwit Violet Light Slim 8mg/g
    8 mg/gFruit
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    We'll soon be adding disposables to our products.

    Stay tuned for the launch and get ready for an effortless and satisfying experience. We can't wait to bring you the latest in convenience and flavor. Watch this space for updates!