Skruf | Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim

Skruf | Super White Frozen Shot

Skruf | Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim

8 mg/gMint
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A Symphony of Mint and Ice: The Ultimate Under-the-Lip Experience


When it comes to nicotine pouches, Skruf Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim is a game-changer. Forget the bulky, uncomfortable pouches of the past. These super slim pouches are designed to fit snugly under your lip, offering a discreet yet potent experience.

Unleash the Arctic Chill: Strength Meets Flavor

The first thing you'll notice is the invigorating mint flavor. It's not just a hint; it's a full-on icy blast that awakens your senses. This minty freshness is paired with an extra-strong strength level, categorized as #4, ensuring that you get a long-lasting and intense experience. It's like having a pocket-sized Arctic expedition, ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

Swedish Expertise, Global Enjoyment: Why Skruf Stands Out

Skruf is a brand that has been mastering the art of nicotine products for years. Originating from Sweden, a country known for its high-quality snus and nicotine products, Skruf brings a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. When you choose Skruf, you're not just getting a nicotine pouch; you're investing in a product that promises quality and satisfaction.

Your Pocket-Sized Companion: Always Ready, Always Refreshing

Whether you're in a business meeting, at a social gathering, or simply enjoying some alone time, Skruf Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim is your go-to companion. Its fast shipping and secure payment options make it a hassle-free purchase. Plus, with a 100% money-back guarantee, there's no reason not to give it a try.

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Good for You, Good for the Planet

In today's world, being eco-conscious is more important than ever. Skruf ensures that its products are recyclable, allowing you to enjoy your nicotine experience guilt-free. It's a win-win situation: you get the pleasure, and the planet gets a break.

So why settle for less when you can have the best? Skruf Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim offers an unparalleled experience that combines comfort, strength, and flavor in a way that's simply irresistible. Give it a try, and elevate your nicotine experience to new heights.


Brand Skruf
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 24
Nicotine content (mg/g) 8
Weight (grams) 17.3
Skruf AB


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Skruf | Super White Frozen Shot #4 Super Slim
8 mg/gMint
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