VELO Zest Flames

VELO Zest Flames - SnusCore

VELO Zest Flames

15 mg/gCitrus
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Explore VELO Zest Flame, an invigorating creation by the renowned VELO brand and crafted by BAT. Part of the All White portion category, this sleek, slim offering delivers a satisfying dose of nicotine despite being leaf-free. Immerse in the electrifying essence of VELO Zest Flame, boasting a dominant citrus flavor. In a slim format, it's not just a nicotine pouch – it's a statement of strength, classified as strong with 10.0 mg of nicotine per portion and 14.3 mg/g. Elevate your moments with VELO Zest Flame, where vibrant citrus meets intense satisfaction. Choose the boldness of VELO for a unparalleled nicotine experience.


Brand VELO
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Format Slim
Strength Strong
Nicotine content (mg/g)
Pouches per can 20


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VELO Zest Flames - SnusCore
VELO Zest Flames
15 mg/gCitrus