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LOOP | Hot Mango / Mango Tango Strong

15 mg/gFruit
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LOOP Mango Tango Strong 15 mg/g


A Sensory Journey Awaits You

Step into a world where the tropical allure of mangoes meets the zesty kick of lime and the daring spice of chili. LOOP Mango Tango Strong isn’t just another nicotine pouch; it’s an experience designed for those who crave intensity in every puff. With a robust 15 mg/g nicotine level, these pouches are crafted for the seasoned nicotine aficionado.

Instant Gratification with Cutting-Edge Technology

What sets these pouches apart is the revolutionary Instant Rush technology. Forget waiting; the moment these pouches touch your lips, you’re greeted with an immediate and potent nicotine hit. This is not a product for the faint-hearted or the uninitiated. It’s tailored for those who know what they want and want it now.

Discreet Yet Impactful

Worried about stains or conspicuous usage? Put those concerns to rest. These all-white, slim pouches are as discreet as they are powerful. Use them anywhere, anytime, without leaving a trace. The only thing you’ll carry with you is the unforgettable experience that LOOP Mango Tango Strong promises to deliver.

Eco-Friendly and Secure

Not only do these pouches offer an unparalleled sensory journey, but they also come with the assurance of secure payments and fast shipping. Plus, they’re recyclable, so you can indulge without guilt. With a 100% money-back guarantee, what’s stopping you from adding a dash of tropical excitement to your nicotine journey?

Free Shipping and More

Don’t forget, free shipping is available on orders over €69. So why not make LOOP Mango Tango Strong a staple in your nicotine repertoire?

Elevate Your Nicotine Experience

LOOP Mango Tango Strong is more than just a nicotine pouch; it’s a ticket to a vivid, sensory experience that you won’t soon forget. With its unique blend of flavors and cutting-edge technology, it’s time to elevate your nicotine journey to new heights.


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LOOP | Mango Tango Strong - SnusCore
LOOP | Hot Mango / Mango Tango Strong
15 mg/gFruit