ICE Freeze X Slim 38 mg/g

ICE | Freeze X 38 mg/g - SnusCore

ICE Freeze X Slim 38 mg/g

38 mg/gMint
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ICE Freeze X 38 mg/g

 Elevate Your Experience with ICE Freeze X's Potent Formula

When it comes to nicotine pouches, ICE Freeze X 38 mg/g Slim Pouches are designed to deliver a powerful yet smooth experience. With a high nicotine content of 38 mg/g, these pouches are not for the faint-hearted, but are perfect for those looking for a robust kick. The slim design ensures a comfortable fit under your lip, allowing for discreet usage and a sustained release of flavor and nicotine.

A Symphony of Minty Freshness

ICE Freeze X pouches come with a refreshing menthol taste that invigorates your senses from the first moment. The menthol flavor is carefully balanced, providing a cooling sensation without overwhelming your palate. It's the perfect companion for those looking to freshen up their day, whether you're at work, at a social gathering, or simply enjoying some downtime.

Quality You Can Trust

Manufactured by ICEpouch, these pouches are crafted with attention to detail. Each can contains 20 slim pouches, weighing a total of 13 grams. The pouches are also recyclable, aligning with a commitment to sustainability. With secure payments and fast shipping, you can rest assured that your satisfaction is guaranteed. The product is currently priced at €5.19, tax included, offering a compelling blend of quality and affordability.


Brand ICE
Product type
Pouches per can 20
Nicotine content (mg/g) 38
Weight (grams) 13



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ICE | Freeze X 38 mg/g - SnusCore
ICE Freeze X Slim 38 mg/g
38 mg/gMint
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