Grant | Melon Slim

Grant | Melon Slim - SnusCore
Grant | Melon Slim - SnusCore

Grant | Melon Slim

25 mg/gFruit
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Grant Melon Slim 25 mg/g

The Flavor Symphony: Melon Meets Nicotine

When it comes to nicotine pouches, flavor and intensity often sit on opposite ends of the spectrum. Not with Grant Melon Slim. This product harmoniously blends the sweetness of ripe melon with a robust nicotine kick, offering a unique experience that has made it a crowd favorite. With a nicotine concentration of 25 mg/g, it's not just about the flavor; it's about the intensity that seasoned nicotine users crave.

Beyond the Kick: The Comfort Factor

Nicotine pouches can sometimes be uncomfortable, but Grant Melon Slim has addressed this issue head-on. Designed with a slim profile, these pouches are engineered to fit snugly between your upper lip and gum. This ensures not just a powerful experience, but a comfortable one. The slim design is more than just aesthetics; it's about maximizing user comfort without compromising on the nicotine hit.

If you've been on the hunt for a nicotine pouch that doesn't compromise on flavor or intensity, your search might just end here. Grant Melon Slim offers a unique blend of both, wrapped up in a comfortable, slim pouch. Ready to give it a try? With fast shipping and secure payments, it's never been easier to experience the ultimate nicotine kick.




Type: All white


Strength: Strong
Taste: Melon


Nicotine content:

25 mg / g

Number of pouches per tray: 27 pouches
Net weight per pouch: 0,6 gram

Net weight per tray:

17 gram

Gross weight per tray:

30 gram
Available since: 2020


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Grant | Melon Slim - SnusCore
Grant | Melon Slim - SnusCore
Grant | Melon Slim
25 mg/gFruit