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Edel | CBD/Mint

12 mg/gMint
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Edel CBD/Mint 12 mg/g

Edel Snus CBD Mint - Nicotine Pouches
The Future of Relaxation: Why Edel CBD/Mint Pouches Are a Game-Changer

In an era where stress is a constant companion, Edel introduces its groundbreaking CBD/Mint pouches. These pouches are the world's first all-white CBD pouches, offering a unique blend of 12mg/g CBD and mint flavor. Unlike traditional nicotine pouches, Edel CBD/Mint pouches are nicotine-free, focusing solely on delivering a non-narcotic sense of well-being.

The Experience: Light-Heartedness Without Lung Stress

The Edel CBD/Mint pouches are designed to offer a unique experience. The 12mg/g CBD content ensures a feeling of light-heartedness without any narcotic effects. The mint flavor adds a refreshing touch, making it a perfect companion for those looking to unwind without the health concerns associated with nicotine products.

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Nicotine Pouches - Edel Snus CBD Mint

Sustainability and Guarantees: Peace of Mind Included

These pouches are not just about immediate relaxation; they are also about long-term sustainability. The packaging is recyclable, and Edel offers a 100% money-back guarantee, ensuring that you can try the product risk-free.

A Fresh Alternative to Traditional Relaxation Methods

Edel CBD/Mint pouches offer a revolutionary way to relax. With its unique blend of CBD and mint, this product provides a refreshing and non-narcotic alternative to traditional relaxation methods. Whether you're at work or enjoying some leisure time, these pouches are your ticket to a stress-free life.


Brand edelsnus
Product type
CBD pouches
Pouches per can 20
CBD content (mg/g) 12
Weight (grams) 14
MultiFill AG


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Edel | CBD/Mint - SnusCore
Edel | CBD/Mint
12 mg/gMint
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