Skruf | Super White Cassice #2 Slim

Skruf | Super White Cassice

Skruf | Super White Cassice #2 Slim

8 mg/gMint
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A New Dimension in Nicotine Pouches

Skruf Super White Cassice #2 Slim isn't just another nicotine pouch; it's an experience that elevates your senses. Imagine the tantalizing blend of sweet and tart blackcurrant flavors dancing on your palate. Now, couple that with a refreshing mint undertone, and you've got a sensory delight that's hard to resist.

The pouches are crafted to be discreet, allowing you to enjoy your nicotine fix without drawing attention. They're slim, fitting comfortably under your lip, and designed to be leaf-free. This ensures that you get a clean, white character that won't stain your teeth.

The innovative filling is a game-changer. Made from a high-quality mix of plant fibers, it not only adds to the pouch's all-white character but also minimizes drip. This low-drip design ensures that you get a long-lasting burst of both flavor and nicotine, making each pouch a lasting experience.

Why Choose Skruf Super White Cassice #2 Slim?

- Flavor Fusion: A unique blend of blackcurrant and mint offers a taste sensation unlike any other.
- Discreet Design: Slim and leaf-free, these pouches are your perfect companion for any occasion.
- Innovative Filling: The plant fiber mix ensures minimal drip and a clean, white character.

A Sustainable Choice for the Conscious Consumer

In today's world, making eco-friendly choices is more important than ever. Skruf Super White Cassice #2 Slim comes in recyclable packaging, allowing you to indulge responsibly. Plus, with secure payments and fast shipping, your convenience is guaranteed.

You don't have to compromise on quality or sustainability. With Skruf Super White Cassice #2 Slim, you get the best of both worlds.

Limited Time Offer: Unbeatable Value

Free shipping is available on orders over €69. Don't miss out on this incredible offer; elevate your nicotine pouch experience today!

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Skruf Super White Cassice #2 Slim is not just a product; it's a lifestyle choice for those who demand the best.



Brand Skruf
Product type
Nicotine pouches
Pouches per can 20
Nicotine content (mg/g) 8
Weight (grams) 17.3
Skruf AB


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Skruf | Super White Cassice #2 Slim
8 mg/gMint
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