Why Place Nicotine Pouches under The Upper Lip?

When opening a can have you ever wondered why nicotine pouches get placed under the upper instead of in the lower part of the mouth? If So, you are not alone.

In this article we will explain the reasoning and benefits of the specific upper lip placement, as well as less conventional placement positions, and how to find the best fit for you.


Traditional use: Why the Upper Lip?

Lesser drip- The correct use of nicotine pouch should unreveal the most flavor and nicotine with the least salivation. Salivation causes the dreaded drip, which refers to excess saliva and the pouch contents forming juices that can burn the throat or prompt the user to spit, making for an unpleasant experience. The top area of the mouth is furthest away from the salivary glands, which is why these products are best used there.

More Comfortable- Most products guarantee an experience of at least 30 minutes, some even can last up to an hour. Throughout this time, you will want it to be comfortable. Under the top lip is the best position for comfort because it stays firmly in one place, reducing gum irritation from excess movement.

More Discreet- One of the main attractions of nicotine pouches is that they are very discreet. However, if incorrectly placed, the pouch may be visible in the user's mouth. Upper lip compresses the pouch and moulds it to the shape of your gum line, making it very discreet.


Can I Put a Nicotine Pouch in My Lower Lip?

We do not recommend it, however, it is possible, and some consumers use this technique because they like the drip, intense flavour and burning sensation.

Just a thing that you need to keep in mind is.. The lower lip area is closer to the salivary glands, which means more salivation and, thus, more drip. Drip is not necessarily bad, but it can make the flavour too powerful and cause an uncomfortable throat burn. Also resulting from the excess salivation is a shortened release duration. The higher moisture activates the contents quicker, causing them to release all at once rather than steadily over an hour as the pouch naturally gets wetter.

How to Ensure Comfort and find the best fit for you

Using a nicotine pouch is very simple. However, finding a fit that works for you can take time but is worth it as, after all, these are products you will frequently use throughout the day.  If you are struggling to get your pouches comfortable under your lip or cannot seem to have a satisfying experience, consider following these two rules:

Alternate positions - A handy trick that often gets overlooked is rotating the side of your mouth where you place your pouches. Discomfort often occurs (especially using strong pouches or mint flavours) when one side of the gums has been in contact with a pouch without a break. Switching sides throughout the day is a surefire way to prevent gum pain by giving each side a much-needed rest.
Do not place too far back - Many newbies report struggling with excessive drip, despite using the traditional top lip method. Why? Because they put the pouch too far towards the back of the mouth and closer to the salivary glands. By moving the product nearer to the center of the mouth, unwanted dripping will be less


If the above tips do not work, it may be time to try a different product or brand. There are pouches for every preference and need.  Also, these products vary in moisture levels, and a dryer pouch may be better for those who struggle with drip or naturally produce more saliva. Above all, though, experimentation is the key to finding the perfect fit. Take your time, switch it up, and work your way through the large selection of nicotine pouch brands online until you are happy with the mouthfeel.


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